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Learn Arabic Language Request

Program : Foundation Course

It is used to teach the Arabic language to children starting from 3 years, as it contains everything a child needs to learn the Arabic language, it is used for those who have difficulty learning to read and as a basic curriculum in literacy schools as wel

Quran: Surah Memorization Request

Program : Foundation Course

Juz Amma - Chapter# 30 (Surah Naba - Surah Nas) Course Duration: 4-Month Prerequisite: Reading Quran with Tajweed Age group: 8-14 years Objective: Memorization with Tajweed

Al Qaeda Al Nourania Request

Program : Foundation Course

One of the sciences related to the Holy Qur’an and teaching the Arabic language, and it focuses on the correct way of pronouncing the letters in addition to the movements of the letters or diacritics as well, and focuses on teaching the positions of the s